Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First off! Thanks for all the well wishes and support these past 2 weeks.
It is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

And just like that ... 5 years of branding is gone ... idrawzombies.com is no more.
But no worries!
When one door slams shut on your fingers, severing them at the second knuckle, another door opens up. Usually it's the door to the hospital but in this case I mean the door of opportunity. Or at least the door of change. This is now my chance to rebrand and start focusing on the art of Byron Rempel ... zombie art, non zombie art, cats, other stuff I can't think of right now and all that other jazz I want to do. 
For the last few weeks I've been a little foggy on exactly how I want to proceed with that, so I've recently started reposting the complete zombie portraits of the 1000 zombies project under one blog, http://onethousandzombies.blogspot.ca 
I've also got a few plans for www.thewayofthezombie.com as well as my old blog http://thedailyzombie.blogspot.ca ... and I'm pretty sure I want this website/blog to be more devoted to my non zombie works.

But things could change ... still planning things out and tying up all my other loose ends before committing to any single direction and while I do so I welcome any kind of advice or suggestions that you may have.

And with all that being said ... I'm starting to draw and paint some holiday images ... like this little kitty. Expect a helluva lot more in the very near future.

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