Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bring forth the Santa Hat Cats

Christmas is fast approaching and for the last few years I've been making holiday themed images, cards, and whatever else people have asked for. This year I didn't know what to create until just last night, when I was drawing and sketching this little cat appeared. So I made him in to a template and I've started to create Santa Hat Cats. The above is my first one and he's a happy little kitty.
 You can adopt this kitty and others by following this link http://bit.ly/zombieornaments
This is my second Santa Hat Cat ... I think this kitty looks a little surprised, but it might just be me. I based the pattern and look on the Tortoiseshell cat style. My daughter really likes this one and if no one else adopts her I might gift it to her. If you want to adopt her, click this link

This is my third Santa Hat Cat and I based it on the tuxedo cat look. It makes me think of my old cat Charlie who passed away last year after giving me and my family 16 years of memories.
He's available for adoption here too

And then the zombie santa hat cats started to come out ... I'll post them soon.

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