Thursday, December 11, 2014

Orange Fizzle

I'll draw your cat ... if you wanna play.

Been feeling a little down and out lately. It's probably the season and the fact that being a working artist is hard. I really hate sounding like a sympathy case and I do my best to cheer myself up and get back on the saddle and make things work. A shit tonne of stuff has gone wrong lately but a couple small things have happened today that have lifted my spirits. One of those things is this cat who I have dubbed Orange Fizzle. He's perky and ready to play and he makes me happy. I would keep him but I have to much as it is, so I'm offering him up for adoption (link) at a Christmas rate. He can head for your house tomorrow.

Also - I'm in the mood to play, so if you want your cat drawn, leave a link to an image of your fur baby in the comments below and I'll do my best to draw it in a similar style as Mr. Fizzle.

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