Thursday, February 26, 2015

peanut butter PURPLE JELLY time!

Well ... no peanut butter here but I saw a jelly fish on instagram today and it really made me want to paint one up and here's the end result. I am titling this one PURPLE JELLY and while I am really pleased at how it turned out I do think a few new things were learned about the structure and shapes of jelly fish. Did you ever think of them as a sort of ... mushroom? It probably sounds weird but when I started to think of them as floaty mushrooms it became easier to draw and paint.

Anyways ... this little dude is painted on 300lb watercolor paper, the size is 4" x 6" and I used acrylic paint and gel pens. There are a few colors not really showing up in the image, some of the white at the top is actually a soft yellow. I'll try to get a better scan of it soon.

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