Tuesday, February 24, 2015

RAPTICORN ! raaaawr

A sneak peak from a new book coming soon from me and +N. M. Scuri - 2 sentence horror stories.


She never stopped: "I wanna uuunnnniiiicorn," so I got to work in my lab.

Won't Princess be surprised...

That may or may not be the final story for this image.

As for the history of this image, a while back my son suggested I paint a unicorn since I haven't done one yet. "Great idea!" I told him and then he said if I sell it he gets a cut of the profits ... since its his idea. Well ... this started as a unicorn but quickly morphed in to a velociraptor-icorn and then it got really bloody.

The final image is 5"x 7" mixed media on 300lb water color paper.

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