Thursday, July 23, 2015

zombie cats say THANKS ANDRE!

I recently received a gift of paint and brushes from two of my favorite Quebecers. Three bottles of Liquitex paint and some brushes. They're fancy brushes and very soft ... so soft I'm hesitant to use them because I know I'll just destroy them. I'm going to have to figure out how to use them properly first.

I have decided that Liquitex is my new favorite brand of acrylic paint.

Anyways ... I love testing out new supplies and used the black and green paint heavily on this zombie cat then went in with the red. When it was done I took out my trusty gel pens and picked out some features. The end result is this green furry feline. Posting it up for sale in my shop because I'm quickly becoming a crazy cat lady guy and I need to rehome these kittehz.

 These are the supplies that were gifted to me by +Andre Vandal and his wife +Karina Ruiz Diaz 
You two are the zombie cats meow.

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