Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's hard to say goodbye ...

Today we said good bye to our fur baby George, pictured on the left, who has crossed the rainbow bridge and joins his life long buddy Charlie who passed away only two years ago.
George was a personality all his own. Some times scaredy cat, other times part dog, and always demanding. If not 6am breakfast with ear splitting meows that would force us out of bed so he wouldn't wake the kids, to jumping up on the chairs to get some ear scratchings.

For 17 years he was with us ... and now he's not.

In recent weeks he began to really show his age. We could tell he was sore and getting tired. He hurt to walk, he hurt to be held, and we knew it was time to say good bye.

Today, with the help of veterinarians who came to our house, George passed away in the comfort of his bed, in his favorite spot, surrounded by the people who loved him.

He went peacefully ... not even a hint of struggle or apprehension when the vets did their duty. No small thing when you know that George used to hide under beds when new people came to our house.

It was as though he knew it was time ... and he was ready.

He will be missed, but never forgotten.

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