Saturday, August 15, 2015

wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

Lately I've been on a Doctor Who slant that started a few months ago when I painted a TARDIS surrounded by zombies, which was quickly bought by an art collector in Texas.

Some time after that I was commissioned to paint up a huge TARDIS and while working on it I also painted the first Doctor ... also with zombies.
(original available here)

Then I painted up some small practice TARDIS paintings on 4"x6" paper.
This is the first one I painted.

And this is the second one I created.

It was suggested that I paint some Weeping Angels, so I made this triptych image of the Weeping Angels, which was bought by a collector in Quebec.
I was also scolded for making an image of the Angels. o.O

Lastly, so far, I created a Dalek. These are harder to draw than I thought because I haven't painted a lot of electronic/mechanical images. It was fun and I know I'll be making more.

If you want any Doctor Who artwork, send me a message and lets make it happen. Now time to finish the commission.

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